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Property Preservation

PKMG provides Property Preservation services for commercial and residential assets through its various Prime and Subcontracts, nationwide. PKMG provides a full range of preservation services necessary to secure properties, immediately correct and remediate dangerous or hazardous situations, and to maintain properties until successful disposition of the property is complete. PKMG delivers excellent, customized service to help maximize asset values for its clients


Maintenance, Rental Turns and Rehabs

PKMG is available to provide preventative and reactive maintenance for all of your rental properties. When something breaks, we handle the work order from start to finish. Submit work orders to us and then, take a hands-off approach—and trust that it’s being taken care of. Many years of experience in the real estate industry allows us to renovate, repair, and refresh rental turns easily and efficiently. If you are managing rental properties and want turns and renovations to simply be taken care of, please contact us. Let us show you how you can increase profitability while reducing problems and responsibilities at your properties. PKMG has a long history of working with property investors, after acquisition of a property, to optimize the property for either a buy and hold rental strategy or value added disposition.


Property Management

P.K. Management Group, Inc. (PKMG) has the experience and proven track record to provide property management services to both government and institutional investment clients. PKMG's affiliated real estate brokerage company, P.K. Realty Group, LLC, holds a State of Florida brokerage license. PKMG has provided property management, preservation, and maintenance services throughout the country since 2005.

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